I’m excited to introduce our new Lockdown Treasures series!

Usually I love nothing more than to be out and about, visiting great historic locations, perusing galleries and museums, and finding inspiration for ideas to help our clients and entertain our followers. Sadly, lockdown has kept the doors of these places firmly closed.

However, I’m a very lucky fellow. When not running SceneSpan, I work at Bristol Cathedral – that beautiful, eclectic, peaceful, dramatic monument to the genius of our ancestors that bestrides College Green, at the heart of the city. Bristol Cathedral – where I sing in the choir (tenor, if you were asking!), work in the archive, and volunteer as a tour guide – is jam packed with spaces, features and artefacts of great historical significance and staggering beauty. While the Cathedral’s doors are closed to the public, I have a chance to show you around the nooks and crannies, many of which the public rarely or never sees. In this Lockdown Treasures series, I will bring you my top-10 favourite bits and pieces of Bristol Cathedral.

I hope this series will not only entertain and inform, but perhaps also inspire you to visit this extraordinary building when it reopens.

My thanks to the Dean and Chapter of Bristol Cathedral for giving their blessing and support to this project, and to the many staff there – especially the vergers – who have helped me with access and research.

The first Lockdown Treasure – number 10 on the countdown – will appear next week. See you then!

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