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There’s a great story about a group of American car manufacturing executives who went to Japan to see how the Japanese assembly lines worked. The process seemed familiar, with one exception. Back home, an American worker would take a rubber mallet and tap the edges of the car door to make sure it fits the frame. In Japan, this mallet-man was conspicuously absent. Confused, the Americans asked at what point they make sure the door fits perfectly. The response, with a wry smile: “We make sure it fits when we design it.”

We don’t sell you the mallet. We help you design the door.

SceneSpan is the only company in the world that does this, and only this.

Peter, Managing Director

“Peter and SceneSpan instinctively understand the balance between what is historically accurate and what dramatically works. Their research and advice always helped open up the world and its possibilities; they were there to collaborate, not police the production. They were invaluable all the way from the script to production.”

Anya Reiss
Creator / Writer / Executive Producer, Becoming Elizabeth

“Here you will find real learning communicated with style. 
Here is insight and energy.”

Dr David Hoyle, Dean of Westminster

“Whoa – we have a production historian on set?! That’s so useful! I have a thousand questions for you…”

Basically everyone we’ve ever worked with

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More important than having the answers is asking the right questions. SceneSpan is unique because it works proactively – not reactively – with writers, script editors, producers and directors to identify early on what the historical questions will be, and fix them before time and money are wasted.
Advice and support for costume and art departments makes for a happy team and a visually stunning show.


As shooting begins, your consultant is on set and location to support directors, ADs, cast and crew. Experts are on hand to help the production stay the historical course, and answer those last-minute questions (and trust us – there are always plenty of those).

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